i look like a leaf

this was supposed to be negative but its actually funny

i look like a leaf

this is not a Good Feel

you arent there are a bunch of people who love you!!

thanks but i literally cant think of 1 person that loves me :p

im having a bit of a Feel

how old are you,,

um this is kind of a creepy question ask off anon if you want to know

windowedxp replied to your post “literally no body tags unreality”

im using drdp now, what specifically do you need tagged ? unreality can be kind of a broad topic aorry

uuuhhh just stuff like ” i am ready to shed my human body and enter the void” do u know what post im talking about idk but yeah just stuff like that tag it as “#unreality” or “#mew dont look” thanks

u seem super sweet mew!! i hope u have a great rest of the day !!!

holy shit thank you ! you too

teen suicide is a goood band

literally no body tags unreality

why am i such an unlovable freak piece of shit